Thursday, January 21, 2010

Taking shape.....

The weather has continued to cooperate and tremendous progress has been made. The crew has completed construction of the roof, interior walls, and demolished old exterior walls of the house. All of the old windows were successfully saved and will be integrated into the new building...not that we wanted them, but this helped to pacify the Historic Resource Commission. They do look nice...and the sunsets over Mt. Pisgah are an added bonus! If only we could build an observation deck on top....

This a view of the back of the house. Three of the original windows were used here. The fourth will be used in the "mud room" area.

This is a view of the remodeled sun room that will now become a laundry room and walk in closet. The area adjacent to the casement windows will serve as the closet. The door leads into the existing middle bedroom.

This is a view from the new bedroom looking into the new bathroom. The shower walls have also been constructed. The windows were designed to allow natural light in while maintaining privacy.

As the framing is almost complete, we expect to have plumbing underway sometime next week. We'll be back at Lowe's picking out paint colors before we know it!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back at it......

Happy new year to everyone! Hope you survived the holidays....we went straight from moving to Thanksgiving to Christmas in the blink of an eye. We also endured the worst cold snap Asheville has seen in many years. Good thing the storm windows are on the way....

While the cold/rainy weather definitely slowed construction on the addition, the crew has made amazing progress over the past 2 weeks. Similar to what we did in Wilmington, we are adding a master bedroom and bath to the back of the house. Construction will include a remodeling of the rear sun room, which will become a walk-in closet and laundry area. The rear porch will also be closed in to create a mudroom style rear entrance. This will take us up to about 1,500 sf total with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.

Hopefully, things will be wrapped up by early April and we'll hosting barbeques on the patio in May. Stayed tuned for more updates!

View of new addition from backyard.
View from the south (looking into the bedroom)

View from the north (looking into the bathroom)