Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The tear out continues.....

The crew continues the trash removal and demolition at the house. The latest casualty.....the back porch. This porch was closed in years ago years ago using cheap faux wood panelling and virtually zero insulation. It had to go....in its place will be new conditioned space that will serve as a mudroom in the rear of the house.

German siding and a beadboard ceiling was uncovered in the bonus room. The previous owners had nailed a heavy canvas fabric over the entire room. The beadboard will remain, but the siding will likely be removed and replace with drywall during the bathroom construction.

The backyard was also uncovered....My buddy Lee also identified several invasive species (Tree-of-heaven, etc.) that will be removed during the landscaping phase of the project.

beadboard in bonus room

back porch demolition

View of cleared backyard (tree of heaven in center)

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