Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Strip Tease....

We are getting closer!!! Construction of the new wall in the kitchen will allow us to triple our closet space in the adjoining bedroom. The final layout in the guest bedroom will include 2 sets of 5-panel doors which will provide access to the closet space. They have also constructed the knee wall which will serve as a bar between the kitchen and dining room.....opening up the space quite a bit.
Stripping of all the old paint, wallpaper, dirt, etc. continues throughout the rest of the house. Apparently the original owners also wallpapered the ceiling...this must have seemed like a good idea at the time! A new subfloor has been installed in the bathroom. Following this phase, new plumbing will be reinstalled along with the clawfoot tub underneath the window. Several trees-of-heaven and a precariously leaning Norway spruce were also removed from the property. We are shooting for a closing date in early October....only 8 weeks to go!

Down to the bare walls in the kitchen......

Looking into the kitchen from the guest bedroom
bathroom (work in progress)

trim cleanup in the hall

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