Sunday, August 23, 2009

Things are coming together...Only 6 weeks to go!

We went before the Historic Resource Commission two weeks ago, and they mostly were okay with our plans for the house addition. However, some items that we still need to submit to them include window specifications (no vinyl windows allowed in a historic district!), a landscaping plan for the yard, and a hipped roof plan (as opposed the the gable originally proposed). So, we are making all changes required and will go back to the HRC in another two weeks. We should be able to cruise right through that meeting (fingers crossed!).

All is still on schedule for us to close on October 8. New walls and ceilings have been installed where needed. Also, insulation guys came last week to blow in "Air Krete" environmetally-friendly insulation in all of the outside walls. Other people will be installing insulation in the attic and under the floors. The Air Krete has already made a noticeable difference in the house, according to the guy who is working on it. It's hard to believe that the walls had NO insulation before! Kitchen cabinets are scheduled to be delivered around September 8. A mold inspection was conducted and joists, etc. in the basement are going to be treated to remove existing mold and to prevent future mold growth.

Check out our latest pictures...

View of kitchen from dining room - holes in wall are for insulation.

Looking from kitchen to dining room.

New ceiling in family room.

New closet in back bedroom.

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