Thursday, September 17, 2009

Three weeks... three weeks!

Lots of work has been done this week. The interior trim has been painted, the walls have received their first coat of paint, the new HVAC compressor has been installed, the bathroom floor is in, and the basement has been cleaned out (the brick walls have been bleached too - they're pretty dirty after 80 years). Also, the fireplaces have been cleaned out and prepped for the coal basket inserts that are going in them. Tomorrow the floors will be sanded, and early next week they will be stained a walnut color. The basement will be pressure washed too.

Then after the floors are done, the cabinets will be installed, along with the light and bathroom fixtures. Once the inside of the house is done, the work will move to the outside where the trim will be repainted a creamy (and less dijonaise) color, the landscaping will be updated, and the driveway will be prepared with two spaces at the end for our cars. Check out our latest pics:
(By the way... you can click on a picture to view it larger.)

Bathroom - almost done! (and looking so sharp already)

Doors being painted in the living room.

Back bedroom... I was told it looks "handsome," and I agree.

Back bedroom

Kitchen painted...

Front Bedroom... I'm not in love with this color, but we'll see.

Front Bedroom - the color looks pretty good with the fireplace though.

Dining Room - it turned out great! The fireplace still needs to be painted though.

Dining Room looking into Living Room

Dining Room

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