Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Only Four More Weeks to Go!

We are getting excited! The renovation has been kicked in to high gear as we enter the final four weeks of the project (prior to closing date and the addition anyway). We had our meeting with the HRC people again today, and I am happy to say that we were approved for the addition plan!! We still have some minor details to work out, but we should be able to start on the addition as soon as we close on the house.
We spent some time over the weekend picking out paint colors and fixtures. The painters should be in there priming the whole place towards the end of this week, and they will paint everything at the beginning of next week. Then, the floors will finished. At some point over the next couple of weeks, the remaining insulation will be installed in the attic and floors, the HVAC unit and ducts will be updated/replaced as needed, and kitchen cabinets and counters will be installed. One issue that came up recently was that we had to fix the wall between the kitchen and dining room in order to more accurately preserve the historical character of the house and (hopefully) receive some historic tax credits from the state... The wall is still being fixed up. Check out some of our latest pictures:
The kitchen with some texture sprayed on the walls...
(The texture is good for hiding imperfections in the old plaster.)

Repaired wall in kitchen...(still a work in progress)

Family room - it's starting to shape up!

New closet in back bedroom...

Bathroom... notice the new built-in shelving on the wall to the right above the molding. (The shelf is located in the back of the closet in the front bedroom.)

Bonus room - starting to take shape.

The tile we picked out for the bathroom.

House existing floorplan...

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