Saturday, October 10, 2009

The house is ready!

Within the past week, the finishing touches have been put on the house. It looks completely beautiful! All the fixtures were put in, cellulose insulation was blown into the attic, everything was cleaned up, the yard was graded out and landscaped a bit, the porch was painted, and the windows were super detailed. It is unbelievable how wonderful the windows look now. It's probably hard to tell from the pictures, but the window glass is super clear and wavy due to age (+80 years old). The guys worked really hard on this house and did a great job! It looks super sharp!

We were supposed to move in this weekend (after supposedly closing on Friday, Oct. 9), but a few things got messed up. So, we now won't be closing until Wednesday, Oct. 14 and moving in Thursday, October 15. No word yet on when we will begin the addition, but hopefully within a couple of weeks after moving and getting settled in. You know we can't sit still but for so long before beginning a new project! :-)

We are really excited about the place and can't wait to move in! Thanks for checking out our pictures.

Our cute little hut...

Newly painted porch.

Good size backyard. Perfect for a garden, a dog, a patio set, and a house addition.

Can you believe this is the same tub? Amazing!

New "Class 5" toilet.

This turned out great.

Back bedroom.

New closet in back bedroom. (Looking towards bonus room/future laundry room.)

Front bedroom/Brent's office - french doors and fireplace required.

Family/living room fireplace.

Dining room floors.

Dining room.

And..... kitchen!

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