Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's a race to the finish line...

Wow, so here we are... only one week away from closing! A lot has been done in the past week. All the light fixtures have been hung, trim paint on the outside of the house has been painted a softer cream color (no more dijionaise), kitchen cabinets and granite went in, and the bathtub was reglazed. Also, new Icynene spray foam insulation was sprayed in the basement under the floors of the main level. Check out the pictures! The place is looking awesome!

Now we're on the "home" stretch. Plumbers will be coming next week, the floors will be finished, all appliances/fixtures will be installed, and the yard will be fixed up and landscaped in the front. Wish us luck with our closing and moving days next Friday and Saturday! Thanks for checking out our pictures! (Don't forget, you can click on the pictures to make them bigger. Then, hit the back arrow to go back to the blog.)

New trim paint - what a difference that makes! Compare this picture to one of the very first ones.

New coal basket inserts. They use natural gas to help heat the house and provide for a nice ambiance. This might be the only true "clean" coal... :-)

New Iceynene spray foam insulation. This stuff is super green (, and will help keep us really warm this winter!

The reglazed bathtub. Looking sharp!

New cabinets and countertops in kitchen, so nice...

Cabinets and countertops...

Fan in second bedroom (we chose the same fan for the other bedroom and family room).

Light fixture in bathroom (before bathtub was reglazed).

Art deco-y light fixture in dining room.

Hallway light.

Front porch light.

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